Ten Ways To Beat The Heat This Summer

  1. Drink more water – It is incredibly important to stay hydrated, especially during summer. Many people want to reach for an alcoholic beverage, or lemonade during the summer, but don’t forget your good ol’ fashioned H2O. The more sweat you lose, the more dehydrated your body becomes.
  2. Keep Excessive Sweat at Bay – Keep sweat at bay by wearing breathable cotton clothes and applying antiperspirant at night.
  3. Make a DIY Air Conditioner – Instead of running your air at night, try making a DIY A/C with Styrofoam, ice, and fan. You just need a Styrofoam cooler, some icepacks ( or bowls of ice,) and a fan. Cut a large hole out of the top of the cooler so you can place your fan on top of it so that the air blows into the cooler. Cut holes on the side of the cooler for the cooled air to flow out of. Place your ice in the cooler and set up your fan and viola, air conditioning!
  4. Optimize Your Fans – If you have a window fan, you can cool your room down quicker by facing the fan outside. If you have a ceiling fan, makes sure to run it counter clockwise for optimum cooling power.
  5. Avoid using the oven – Try “no cook” recipes, and stovetop meals to avoid heating your home up by using the oven.
  6. Exercise comfortably in the heat – Don’t let the heat deter you from your healthy lifestyle. Try switching to water sports and avoiding the sun when it is strongest.
  7. Optimize your windows – Close your windows and use insulated drapes to keep the heat out during the day. At night, you can hang a damp towel in front of your windows to create a cool breeze. In addition, opening opposing windows can create max airflow.
  8. Cool your car down quickly – To cool your car down quickly, roll down one window, and open and close the opposite door a few times. This will create a cross flow and will push out hot air.
  9. Stay cool while you sleep – The worst part of summer is trying to sleep while you’re hot. A higher body temperature makes it harder to fall asleep. Try cooling your head with a special pillow, like the Chillow, or sleep on a wet sheet to keep your body temperature down.
  10. Know your body’s cooling points - You can quickly cool down by applying a cold object to your pulse points. Your pulse points include your neck, wrist, ankles, tops of your feet, inner thighs, and your forehead.

*Courtesy of LifeHacker.com